The CILIA BUS S.R.L. born as a company in 2003 but to retrace its history must go back three generations ago.

The culture of the coach to hire, it has since the fifties with the beginning of the post-war economic boom. Were bought the first bus with which to effect tourism and then scheduled services both urban and extra-urban.

Over the years, the situation has evolved and more and more strengthened, to give birth in 2001 to a SpA, with which, through public and private services, has served the whole of our area. Later part of the services managed by SpA was sold to the current Cilia Bus.

Today CILIA BUS, it is proposed in an open and competitive market for the rental service bus, using the means of most recent construction of various sizes, equipped with every comfort: radio, VCR, DVD players, air conditioning, toilets and reclining seats.